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Oh me, Oh my.

Welcome to my world of Kink. Or more so, Welcome to My world in general. I post what I want, and if you don't like it? tough. ;) Most content not appropriate for ages 17 and under. Seriously guys...Go find out about the bird's and the bee's on the history channel. My page is mostly a reflection on how I feel within the day. And there's mostly BDSM content. I am a Switch, Not a Master. I do not Claim the title as such. However, I have been involved in the lifestyle since I was 13. I wasn't allowed to practice it till I was much older. Don't come to me asking me about why this happens in 50 shades of gray crap. I much less don't care. 50 shades is SMUT. Go find and Study BDSM somewhere else, because that book is someone else's complete work of a fantasy life of Romanticized abuse. Okay? That's just my opinion.
No disrespect on my page. I WON'T Tolerate it. Other than that, Enjoy and what not.

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